Canon70D: Basics, Beyond the Basics & Shooting Video with the Canon70D by QuickPro (Tutorial 3 DVD SET)

SKU Canon70DV1&2&ShootingVIDEO QuickPro 3disc DVD SET

Quick Pro Camera Guides 2014, Tutorial DVD SET. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 3-1/2 hours

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QuickPro Camera Guides your camera, made simple... QuickPro guides are brimming with great tips and tricks to get the most out of your camera. QuickPro Camera Guides teaches you the fundamentals of digital photography applied to your Canon 70D. With these new tools you will be able to gain confidence in your skills and take your pictures to a new level.

Canon 70D Chapter Overview:
● Camera Tour
● Image Quality Settings
● Metering, Exposure, and Drive Modes
● Live View and Movie Shooting
● Playback and Displays
● Focus Modes and Image Sharpness
● Menu System
● Color, Tone, and Creative Effects
● Using the Built in Flash

Canon 70D Beyond Chapter Overview:
● Customizing Camera Buttons and Controls
● Bracketing
● Multiple Exposures and HDR Photography
● Movie Mode Features
● Using Canon Lenses
● Custom Settings
● Using the Built-in Wi-Fi
● Camera Maintenance

Shooting Video with the Canon 70D

Get ready to shoot the best videos of your life! With QuickPro Camera Guides you will quickly understand the important features and functions of your Canon 70D. In this instructional guide, you’ll learn about customizing the camera for movie shooting, movie resolution, recording audio, the best ways to focus when you’re shooting video, and much, much more!

Chapter Overview:
● Quick Start
● Movie Recording Settings
● Exposure
● Focus
● Controlling Color
● Mocie Shooting Menu & Display
● Recording Audio
● Using Canon Lenses

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