Canon XSi / 450D (Canon XS/1000D) in Brief - a quick field reference for your camera bag

SKU CanonXSi/450D XS/1000D-InBrief

Blue Crane Digital 2008, Laminated 11 1/4 x 12 3/4" - divided into seven color-coded panels. Folds down to approximately 5 3/4 x 4 1/2

When shooting with your new Canon Rebel XSi it would be very helpful to have a brief synopsis of the Camera at your fingertips. The Blue Crane Digital inBrief for Canon Rebel XSi is just that, a map for your new XSi!

Your camera manual covers all the functions on your new digital camera. It's also over one hundred pages long. When you are in the field, you need quick and accurate answers to achieve the best shot. The inBrief line of camera guides was developed so you can get the answers, and more importantly, the shot you want. The Canon XSi inBrief is divided into seven color-coded panels. If you have a question about metering or bracketing, simply look at the yellow panel. Questions about custom functions are answered on the green panel. The layout and description for the control panel and view finder can be found on the blue panel. And a color-coded index on the front page immediately points you toward the answer you need. The inBrief guide is laminated for long life and protection from the elements. As importantly, the panels are separated by thin strips of clear lamination, allowing the card to be folded easily and stored in your camera bag. Your inBrief guide won't be a replacement for your manual, but it will remind you of what functions are available, and how you can get them to work for you. Every inBrief includes a line drawing of your camera with the controls for shooting, displaying images, and general operation clearly labeled. It also has a panel that shows you, at a glance, the camera functions available for each mode dial setting, as well as a cross reference to flash sync modes.

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