Canon Rebel T1i / 500D - QuickPro Camera Guides (A Tutorial DVD for Canon T1i)


QuickPro 2009. Tutorial DVD, play on any DVD player worldwide (recommended). Runtime approx 50 min.

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QuickPro Camera Guides teaches you the fundamentals of digital photography applied to your Canon EOS T1i (model name in some countries 500D). With these new tools you will be able to gain confidence in your skills and take your pictures to a new level. QuickPro Camera Guides your camera, made simple.

- Detailed menu for easy navigation for specific topics - Professionally produced and hosted - Step by step instructions
- Easy to understand
- Learn at your own pace

Major topics covered:
* Automatic and Manual settings
* Shutter speed
* Aperture
* Megapixel
* Image Sharpness
* Composition
* Metering
* RAW vs. JPEG
and many more…

Extended list of topics covered:
* Full Auto Mode
* Multi Program (P) Mode
* Selecting Image Quality
* Manual (M) Mode
* Displaying Histograms
* Changing the ISO
* Manual Focus
* Wide-Angle Lens
* Mounting a Lens
* Reformatting a Memory Card
* Major Camera Parts
* Memory Cards
* Exposure
* Depth of Field
* Shooting Close-up
* Reading the LCD
* Creative Zone Modes
* Rule of 1/Focal Length
* RAW vs. JPEG
* Setting a Preset White Balance
* Angle and Magnification
* Using Menus
* Changing Exposure
* Modes
* Shutter-Priority (S) Mode
* Exposure Compensation
* Understanding Histograms
* Selecting a Focus Point
* Rule of Thirds
* Zoom Lens
* Charging a Battery
* Deleting images off a card
* Shutter
* Inserting and removing a card
* Aperture
* Artistic techniques
* Shooting sporting events
* Zoom in on an image on LCD
* Image sharpness
* Digital noise
* Color and use of light
* Setting a custom white balance
* Design and composition
* Reviewing images
* Image zone modes
* Aperture-priority (A) mode
* Auto exposure (AE) lock
* Using histograms
* Using Focus Lock
* Normal lens
* Image stabilization lenses
* Inserting a battery
* Camera hibernation
* Image sensor
* Protecting photos
* Shutter speed and stops
* Shooting at night
* Artistic tips and tricks
* The mode dial
* Camera shake
* Selecting raw files
* White balance
* Lighting …and many more

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