Canon EOS T1i Made Easy (2 Disk Tutorial DVD for Canon T1i) by Elite Video - Model name in some countries Canon EOS 500D


Elite Video 2009. 2 Disk Tutorial DVD for the Canon EOS T1i; model name in some countries 500D. Play on any DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM drive (may require additional software).

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With these two 90 minute videos, you will master every feature and function of the Canon Digital T1i / 500D digital camera!

In an easily explained manner, the Elite Video camera buffs will teach you all this camera can do from the basics to the advanced menu options. Take your photography to the next level without having to try and decipher the dry, computer-generated operating manual!

With all the options available on your new camera, you will be snapping superior images in no time.

Why just use the auto mode for photos, when your camera is capable of so much more?

Learn everything from continuous shooting mode, shutter priority mode, preset modes, flash settings, import settings, white balance settings, memory settings, to display and playback modes, focus modes, set up and custom menus, histograms, self timer and so much more.

If the Canon T1i / 500D does it, you will learn about it.

Learn how to utilize the custom menus, macro mode, focus bracketing, start up menus, shutter/aperture priority, flash curtain settings, special efx modes, movie mode, compression settings, stitch assist mode, slide show modes, exposure compensation, intervalometer display icons, portrait and night scene mode, custom settings, replay mode, wireless controller, digital zoom and so much more.

Disc 1

Chapter 1
- Introduction

Chapter 2
- Setting the Date and Time

Chapter 3
- Camera Walk around Part 1

Chapter 4
- Installing the Strap
- Camera Walk around Part 2

Chapter 5
- Taking Pictures

Chapter 6
- Camera Walk around Part 3 (Front of the Camera Walk around)

Chapter 7
- Mode Dial
- Auto Mode
- Program Mode

Chapter 8
- TV (Shutter Priority Mode)

Chapter 9
- AV (Aperture Priority Mode)
- Manual Mode
- No Flash Mode
- Portrait Mode Portrait Tips
- Landscape Mode
- Sports Mode
- Night Portrait Mode
- Self Timer Mode

Chapter 10
- Continuous Shooting Mode
- Playback Menu

Chapter 11
- Shooting Info Screens
Shooting Menu 1

Chapter 12
- AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing)
- Shooting Menu 2

Chapter 13
- White Balance

Chapter 14
- My Menu

Chapter 15
- Set Up Menu

Chapter 16
- Basic Training (Farmers Market)

Chapter 17
- Set Up Menu Page 2
- Live View Mode
- Creating Soft Focus

Disc 2

Chapter 1
- Introduction

Chapter 2
- Adjusting Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Modes

Chapter 3
- Depth of Field

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
- Playback Information Screens

Chapter 6
- Histogram

Chapter 7
- Long Exposure Photography

Chapter 8
- Set Up Menu Page 3

Chapter 9
- Mirror Lock Up

Chapter 10
- Flash Modes
- Advanced Flash Controls

Chapter 11
- AEL/AFL (Auto Exposure/Auto Focus Lock)
Panorama Tips

Chapter 12
- Posing 101

Chapter 13
- What Type Of Lens

Chapter 14
- Sharpening Techniques

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