Canon EOS Digital Photography Photo Workshop by Serge Timacheff BONUS! Rick Sammon's Canon EOS Digital Rebel Personal Training DVD


Wiley Publishing 2008, softcover, 320 pages, color illustrations.

Develop your digital photography talent
BONUS! Rick Sammon's Conon EOS Digital Rebel Personal Training DVD. Play on any DVD player worldwde (recommended) or CD-ROM drive. Approx. 90 minutes

From the broad view, Canon offers a complete range of cameras, lenses, Speedlites, and accessories. There are so many options, in fact, that choosing among them is a challenge. Throughout this book, you’ll get detailed information on individual components of the Canon photography system as well as help in choosing components based on your shooting preferences and needs.

*** Understand how to build a photography system that meets your needs
*** Learn what makes a lens good
*** Discover which filters and accessories are best for you

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