Canon 40D: Canon EOS 40D Guide to Digital SLR Photography by David D. Busch (Canon 40D)


Thomson Course Technology 2008, softcover, 324 pages, full illustrated.

As the new owner of Canon's most advanced intermediate digital SLR, you want to get started taking professional-looking photographs using all of the exciting features at your fingertips. "Canon EOS 40D Guide to Digital SLR Photography" is a concise introduction and guide to your camera's essential controls and functions, such as Live View, built-in dust reduction, and the blistering 6.5-frames-per-second continuous shooting mode that is an action photographer’s dream. The book provides detailed instructions showing you how, when, and why to make optimized settings with the Canon EOS 40D’s enhanced menus, which include a half-dozen versatile new custom functions. You'll learn about the camera's improved automatic focus, flash synchronization tricks, how to choose lenses that will provide the perspective and effects you want, and which exposure modes are ideal for each picture-taking opportunity. Packed with full-color images and examples that illustrate the recommended techniques and settings for your Canon EOS 40D, this book helps photographers of any skill level begin maximizing their equipment as soon as you open the cover!

*** Essential buttons, dials, controls, and menu settings
*** Available EOS 40D metering modes and ISO options
*** Advanced pro-style shooting techniques
*** How to work with lenses and light sources
*** Editing and enhancing your photographs, troubleshooting tips and much more!

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