Better Picture Guide To Black & White Photography: 2 by Terry Hope

By Terry Hope. (2001). Rotovision. Soft-cover, 7 1/2 x 8 3/4", 127 pages, B&W illustrations. Black and White Photography 2 explores how to see the world in black and white and capture light and form to create a wonderful effect. It encompasses a wide variety of subjects including landscapes, portraits and nudes while also providing easy to understand technical information for the serious amateur about how to choose lenses, film and lighting equipment.
Black and White Photography 2 also looks at photographers who are working with toners such as sepia, and their techniques will be explained thoroughly. The broad field of black and white is explored in this fresh new look at monochrome photography. Published in the Better Picture Guide series, and a follow-up to the acclaimed Black and White Photography, this book is for all amateurs who want to learn how to photograph like the professionals.
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