Best Business Practices for Photographers, Second Edition by John Harrington

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Cengage Learning 2010, softcover, NN by NN, 523 pages, black and white illustsrations

A follow-up to the successful and acclaimed “Best Business Practices for Photographers”, this updated and expanded edition serves as an even more comprehensive guide to achieving financial success and personal satisfaction in your business as a photographer. Included in this new edition are sections on licensing your work, making the career change from a staff photographer to a freelancer, surviving an IRS audit, and more. This book includes best practices in interacting with clients, negotiating contracts and licenses, and business operations. “Best Business Practices for Photographers, Second Edition: is the key to a successful career in photography.

* Comprehensive real-world examples illustrate author’s points with clear explanations on sometimes seemingly complex matters.
* Author is a working professional whom you might be working alongside at a news conference, sporting event, or concert, but whom has more than likely negotiated a much higher rate for the same services, and how you can negotiate higher rates on your own.
* Not a “how to start” your business, but rather, how to run your business right.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 You Are a Business Now Lets Get to Work!
Chapter 2 Professional Equipment for Professional Photographers.
Chapter 3 Planning and Logistics: Why a Thirty-Minute Shoot Can Take Three Days to Plan.
Chapter 4 After Staff: Transitioning to Freelance.
Chapter 5 Working with Reps, Assistants, Employees, and Contractors: The Pitfalls and Benefits.
Chapter 6 Setting Your Photographer's Fee.
Chapter 7 Pricing Your Work to Stay in Business.
Chapter 8 Overhead: Why What Your Charge a Client Must Be More Than You Paid for It.
Chapter 9 Who's Paying Your Salary and 401(k)?
Chapter 10 Insurance: Why It's Not Just Health-Related, and How You Should Protect Yourself.
Chapter 11 Accounting: How We Do It Ourselves and What We Turn Over to An Accountant.
Chapter 12 Insights into an IRS Audit.
Chapter 13 Contracts for Editorial Clients.
Chapter 14 Contracts for Corporate and Commerical Clients.
Chapter 15 Contracts for Weddings and Rites of Passage.
Chapter 16 Negotiations: Signing Up or Saying No.
Chapter 17 Protecting Your Work: How and Why.
Chapter 18 The Realities of an Infringement: Copyrights and Federal Court.
Chapter 19 Releases: Model, Property, and Others.
Chapter 20 Handling a Breach of Contract: Small Claims and Civil Court.
Chapter 21 Resolving Slow- and Non-Paying Clients.
Chapter 22 Letters, Letters, Letters: Writing Like a Professional Can Solve Many Problems.
Chapter 23 Attorneys: When You Need Them, They're Your Best Friend (or at Least Your Advocate).
Chapter 24 Office and On-Location Systems: Redundancy and Security Beget Peace of Mind.
Chapter 25 Digital and Analog Asset Management: Leveraging Your Images to Their Maximum Potential.
Chapter 26 Licenssing Your Work.
Chapter 27: Stock Solutions: Charting Your Own Course Without the Need for a "Big Fish" Agency.
Chapter 28: Care and Feeding of Clients (Hint: It's Not About Starbucks and a Fast-Food Burger.
Chapter 29: Education, an Ongoing and Critical Practice: Don't Rest on Your Laurels.
Chapter 30: Striking a Balance Between Photography and Family: How What You Love to Do Can Coexist with your Loved Ones if You Just Think About It.
Chapter 31: Expanding into Other Areas of Creativity.
Chapter 32: Charity, Community, and Your Colleagues: Giving Back Is Good Karma.

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