Applied Photography, 9 issues (1-9), 1931-1933

SKU BR230*/Applied Photography 1931
Publisher: Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester. Good Condition. Edges of covers are ragged as the covers are somewhat larger than the inside pages. All nine issues included. No. 1, Picturing Performance, May 1931 No. 2, Interpreting Quality, July 1931, No. 3, September 1931 Picturing Products, No. 4, Economizing Attention, November 1931, No. 5, Creating Interest, January 1932, No. 6, Industrial Interiors, April 1932, No. 7, Exterior Views, July 1932, No. 8, Lighting and Backgrounds, October, 1932 and No. 9 Contrasts, July 1933. GREAT Material. Each book has approx 30 pages. Inside Cover "Applied Photography-A Magazine of Noteworthy Examples of Photography as Applied to the Major Problems of Industrial Management and Market Development." A MUST FOR THE COLLECTOR!!
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