Aperture # 82 (Chappell, Caponigro) 1979

No ISBN#, Aperture Foundation, Inc., 1979, New York. 9 1/2 x 11 1/4", 78 pages, Soft Cover, Good Condition.

People and Ideas
Walter Chappell: A Metaflora Portfolio
The Island of the Strong Door, Poem by Alan Garner, Photgraphs by Paul Caponigro
Paul Caponigro: Stonehenge
On the Recent Photography of Siegfried Halus, Fragments from a Collectanea, Selected and Arranged by William E. Parker
Alen MacWeeney: An Irish Odyssey, The Tale of the Tinker, Photographs by Alen MacWeeney, Essay by Valerie Moolman
Laurence Bach: Paros Shards, Photographs by Laurence Bach, Text by Don Earnest

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