Aperture #121, The Body In Question 1990

0893814474, Aperture Foundation, Inc., 1990, New York. 9 1/2 x 11 1/4", 78 pages, Soft Cover, Like New Condition.
The Mirrors of Christer Stomholm by Nan Richardson
The Fairer Sex by Jennie Livingston
The Doll by Patrick McGrath
Aunt Mandy by Karen Finley
Prodigal Stories: Aids and Family by Tom Kalin
David Wojnarowicz"s "Sex Series"
Sex Workers by Synn
Donna Ferrato's Women: Under the Skin
The Right to Depict Children in the Nude by Allen Ginsberg and Joseph Richey
The Alice Sims Case by Elizabeth Hess
The Big Chill: Censorship and the Law by Edward de Grazia
Photography, Pornography and Sexual Politics by Carole S. Vance
Dorit Cypis: Singing the Body Eclectic by Mary-Charlotte Domandi
People and Ideas: Sex and Screen and Rock'N'Roll, On Our Own by Herbert Muschamp, Peter Greenway and the Erotics of Form by Charles Hagen, Obscure Objects of Desire: The Films of Pedro Almodovar by Katherine Dieckmann, B's Make Honey by David Frankel
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