Aperture #118 Josef Sudek Poet of Prague: A Deepening Vision 1990


ISBN# 089381430x, Aperture Foundation Ltd. Inc.,1990. Soft Cover, Like New Condition, 78 pages, 9 1/2 x 11 1/4".
A Deepening Vision. Midway through his life, Josef Sudek found himself confronted by the inferno of history, as WWII and its aftermath poured forth and engulfed his homeland. Like Dante, Sudek passed through the horrors to find visions of enduring beauty. This second Aperture issue to be devoted entirely to Sudek and his work, encompasses the second half of his life. During the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia in WWII, Sudek retreated into the wooden shack in Prague where he lived and worked. There he began to make the still lifes and pictures of the small world just beyond his window that comprise so much of his later work. He also moved both outward into the countryside, and inward, ending his long career with an epic autobiographical cycle, "Labyrinths."
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