An Intermediate Guide to Digital Photography by John Clements

SKU Bx88-DigitalPhotoIntermediateGuideCLEMENTS
Ava Publishing, Switzerland, 2004. 7 1/2 x 8 3/4", Softcover, 144 pages

This book will prove invaluable for anyone interested in expanding their basic digital photography skills or seeking inspiration for their creative work. The core of the book is the high-quality images from international photographers who share their information about how and why their images were created and manipulated. Many subjects are covered, including landscapes, portraits, nudes and close-up, and many techniques discussed and explained. The book is structured on the digital cycle of shoot, enhance and enjoy: Shoot - how the image was captured, Enhance - how the image was manipulated on a computer, and Enjoy - how images can be shared by printing or via the computer. The book is illustrated with images and screen grabs that elucidate the photographer's technical and creative processes.

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