Amateur Photography (18 Individual Lessons) Photographic Studies, Chicago 1965

SKU BR2628*/Amateur Photography
Publisher: Photographic Studies, Chicago, Illinois, 1965. 18 total Lessons in softcover books, 8 x 10", 24 pages each. Last two pages are self-check review with questions and answers.

Lesson 1 Know your camera

Lesson 2 All about Lenses

Lesson 3 Composition-See Pictures

Lesson No 4 Keys to Good Pictures Exposure and Film

Lesson No 5 How to Develop Film

Lesson 6 Making the Enlarged Print

Lesson 7 Let there be Light!

Lesson 8 Take a Perfect Portrait

Lesson 9 Facts about Filters

Lesson 10 Shooting in Color

Lesson 11 Shooting in Available Light

Lesson 12 Flash Photography

Lesson 13 Fine Points of Enlarging

Lesson 14 Your Home Darkroom

Lesson 15 35mm Photography

Lesson 16 Thrilling Pictures in 3-D

Lesson 17 So you want to Make Movies!

Lesson 18 Movie Production

Good Condition. First three lessons have underlining and use. All packed in cardboard sleeve. Sleeve is in fair condition with staining. Most books looked unused though the two staples on each show staining.

Great lessons for the beginner or just for fun.

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