Alternative Digital Photography by John G. Blair


Thomson Course Technology 2008, softcover, 288 pages, 7" x 9", color illustrations.

If you are interested in exploring new techniques to create unusual and inspired digital images, then this book is for you! Alternative Digital Photography will help get those creative juices flowing for anyone - from the amateur photographers to the professional - who wants to expand the way they think about digital photography and develop new and imaginative ways of looking at the world around them. Using step-by-step lessons accompanied by full-color images and technical information, Alternative Digital Photography will show you how to infuse your digital photography with creativity using simple tools and methods. Each chapter focuses on how to create a particular type of image and features a group of lessons that illustrate different ways to achieve that image. Many of the lessons require only simple, inexpensive equipment, while others entail software applications and more advanced tools. Choose the images and techniques that appeal to your skills and budget, and get ready to create fun and unexpected digital photographs!

A working understanding of digital cameras and photography is all that is require to explore:

*** Hand-coloring bland-and-while or sepia images
*** Abstract, mosaic, and fresco images
*** Using special filters and selective focus
*** Neosymbolism and neomysticism
*** Making your own digital pinhole camera or using a digital toy camera

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