Adobe Photoshop Master Class:The Essential Guide To Revisioning Photography, 2nd Ed. by John Paul Caponigro 2003

USED . . .Good Condition. By John Paul Caponigro. (2003). Adobe Press. Soft-cover, 8 3/4 x 9 1/2", 504 pages, color and B&W illustrations, CD ROM. This is no ordinary book on Photoshop. It is a true master class by renowned artist and photographer John Paul Caponigro, in which he shares his insights and discoveries as a visual artist. Although the book contains step-by-step tutorials that deconstruct some of Caponigro s most inspirational photographic works, the emphasis is on technique and visual problem solving, enabling you to take the concepts and apply them to your own unique projects.
Updated for Photoshop 7, the revised edition of this master class includes numerous new and revised chapters that explain how to achieve color accuracy and extend dynamic range, direct attention through focus, control atmospheric perspective, and more. You don t have to be a professional photographer to appreciate and learn from this beautiful and informative book.
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