Adobe Camera Raw Studio Skills by Charlotte K. Lowrie

Wiley 2006, softcover, 7-1/2 x 8-1/4", 348 pages, full-color.

Professional photographers who have adopted RAW capture and Camera RAW processing techniques recognize them as photography's new frontier. RAW gives you a degree of control over image quality that is unprecedented, allowing you to take RAW processing to new heights. In these pages, eleven top photographers share tips and techniques they have perfected to make the most of it. Follow their advice, and you're all but guaranteed to achieve professional image processing results.

*** Use Charlotte Lowrie's technique to sepia-tone and tint RAW images
*** Discover how David Wells creates a workflow process that starts on the road
*** Double-process files Rob Sheppard's way to increase dynamic range
*** Learn how Bob Coates balance color without losing ambiances
*** Follow Macduff Everton's guide to basic RAW image conversion
*** Let Katrin Eismann show you how to process HDR images
*** See how John Paul Caponigro gets precise tonal control with Curves
*** Perfect color with Eddie Tapps's secrets for color correction
*** Try Kevin Ames's techniques for special effects processing
*** Combine black0and-white and color Sean Duggan's way
*** Explore Ellen Anon's quick method to zoom and check focus

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