AVA Guide to Outdoor Photography by Cathy Joseph

Ava Publishing SA, 2005, 9 x 10 1/4" Soft Cover, 197 pages.

This book is split into four comprehensive sections that cover equipment, technique and subject matter. The first section describes how different cameras work and how you, the photographer, can choose the right one; it explains why tripods are a necessity for really good, quality shots and what a filter could add to an image.
The next section covers technique and explains the science behind achieving the most from an image. Every amateur needs to know how to create the right exposure, how to use depth-of-field to great effect, what lighting effects to use (if any) and why pictures never come out properly when shooting in snow or in harsh light. All these issues, and more, are examined in this part.
The third section explores different photographic genres such as wildlife, sport and landscapes. It includes tips from photographers, such as how to make a scared child relax for a photograph or how to best capture a beautiful and breathtaking vista.
The final section examines what to do with the shots once they've been processed.  Beautiful images illustrate the text throughout and are accompanied by fact files, which provide vital information such as camera type, aperture, shutter speed and film type.
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