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A Survey of Zeiss Photographic Advertising in Britain June 1936 until December 1938 gathered by Lawrence J. Gubas

SKU Bx77 Survey of Zeiss Photog Advertising/Gubas

Gubas 2017, softcover, 8-1/2 x 11", 142 pages, black & white illustrations.

Larry Gubas introduction to the book:
While constructing my large book on Zeiss and Photography, I used a number of Zeiss Ikon Advertisements from the British magazine, Amateur Photographer. These were full page ads and a new one would appear week after week. In my collection of literature, I had a run of ads that began in June 1936 and continued until December 1938 and so I had 2 ½ years of totally different ads which were large, pictorial and informative. This new collection depicts those ads and the Zeiss Ikon product line in full size and detail. I hope that you find them as enjoyable as I do.

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