A Short Course in Canon Powershot G6 Photography e-Book ONLY by Dennis P. Curtin

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ShortCourse 2005, e-Book in full-color Adobe PDF format on CD. Easy to search, print, carry & read.

This easy to understand guide to getting great photos with your Canon PowerShot G6 camera.

It sweeps away unnecessary complexity and explains what you really need to know to use the camera's controls. If you want to take more effective, interesting, and creative images, here are some of the things you'll learn:

Chapter 1:
Camera Controls and Creativity: Learn how to take pictures in fully automatic point and shoot mode and how your captures digital images. See how to manage your images, use buttons, dials and menus, and control image size and quality.

Chapter 2:
Controlling Exposure: Learn how to use all of the camera's exposure modes and exposure controls to get photos that show the scene exactly as it is, or as you want to interpret it.

Chapter 3:
Controlling Sharpness: Learn how to control sharpness in your photographs and how to creatively use focus, depth-of-field, sharpness, softness and blur.

Chapter 4:
Capturing Light and Color: Learn all about light and color and how to use them creatively. Understand how they change throughout the day and seasons, how they're affected by the weather, and how light's direction and quality affects hgihlights and shadows. See how to set your camera's white balance to capture colors the way you see them.

Chapter 5:
Understanding Lenses:
Learn how to use your zoom lenses and lens converters creatively when photographing scenery, interiors and people. See how wide-angle, normal, telephoto and digital zoom affect your images.

Chapter 6:
Using Automatic Flash:
See how to creatively use your built-in-flash both indoors and out and in good light and bad. Explore special techniques such as fill and slow sync flash.

Chapter 7:
Exploring Close-up Photography: Learn how to get close-ups of small objects using macro mode and flash. See how to control depth of field, lighting, and exposure when photographing close up.

Chapter 8:
Other Features and Commands: See how to take panoramas, use photo effects, shoot continuously, capture videos, prepare print orders, use time-lapse photography, save custom settings, personalize your camera and attach sound memos to images.

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