A Short Course in Canon PowerShot Pro 1 Photography e-book ONLY by Dennis P. Curtin


ShortCourse Digital 2004, e-book ONLY e-Book in full-color Adobe PDF format on CD. Easy to search, print, carry & read.

This easy-to-understand book is your guide to getting great photos with your Canon PowerShot Pro 1 camera. It sweeps away unnecessary complexity and explains what you really need to know to use the camera's controls when you're taking pictures. If you want to take more effective, interesting, and creative photos, here are some of the things you'll learn:
Chapter 1-Camera Controls and Creativity
Chapter 2-Controlling Exposure
Chapter 3-Controlling Sharpness
Chapter 4-Capturing Light & Color
Chapter 5-Understanding Lenses
Chapter 5-Using Flash and Studio Lighting
Chapter 7-Other Features and Commands.

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