A Short Course in Canon EOS 50D Photography by Dennis P. Curtin (Canon 50D)


A Short Courses digital photography book is for people who want to get better pictures with their Canon EOS 50D digital SLR camera. This beautifully written and illustrated guide, pulls together answers to the questions you might have about using the camera, including the following:

Chapter 1: Camera Controls and Creativity
Chapter 2: Controlling Exposure
Chapter 3: Controlling Sharpness
Chapter 4: Capturing Light & Color
Chapter 5: Understanding Lenses
Chapter 6: Using Flash and Studio Lighting
Chapter 7: Other Features and Commands

This book is organized around the concepts of digital photography because that’s how photographers think. You think about scenes and subjects, highlights and shadows, softness and sharpness, color and tone. The procedures you use with the Canon EOS 50D are integrated throughout the concepts, appearing in those places where they apply. This integrated approach lets you first understand the concepts of photography and then see step by step how to use the 50D in all kinds of photographic situations.

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