A Popular Treatise on the Art of Photography incl. Daguerreoptype... by Robert Hunt, 1841 (REPRINT)

A Popular Treatise on the Art of Photography Including Daguerreotype and ALL the New Methods of Producing Pictures by the Chemical Agency of Light. Glasgow 1841.

REPRINT, Laser-printed, softcover, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 94 pages, Illustrated by Engravings.

This was Hunt's (secretary of the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society) earliest publication on photography on metal, paper and glass, and deals in technical detail in technical detail with the calotype, the daguerreotype, and on Glass (the latter the experiments of Sir John Herschel).

Hunt examines various papers and their qualities, as well as the variety of salts and chemicals. After discussing Daguerre's original work, he examines various improvements which had been made in the process. There are also notes on new discoveries in camera construction, and a variety of then-new chemical experimentation.

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