A Day in the Studio with Rick and Deborah Ferro (Tutorial DVD) by Shootsmarter

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Shootsmarter University 2008, Tutorial DVD, 70 minutes long, ships in a plastic clam case; play in any DVD player (worldwide) or CD-ROM drive.

Signature Studios in Jacksonville, FL is the home of one of the photo industry's most recognized photo couples and popular speakers at the photo conventions - Rick and Deborah Ferro.

We spend a day with a video crew to show you the lighting, posing, shooting and business smarts fueling this thriving studio that creates award-winning childrens portraiture and weddings.

Here's what's inside this 70 minute long DVD.

ONE: Studio Tour with Rick Ferro. See the layout of their studio that is on the same property as their home, but in a separate building in a lovely shaded setting.

TWO: Bridal Portrait Studio Session. Watch as Rick sets up and shoots a beautiful formal bridal portrait in full length, 3/4 and half length. Know for his posing expertise, Rick reveals the subtle skill to make this bride comfortable and gracious in front of the camera.

THREE: Lighting Setup Discussion. Rick helps us learn the lighting he uses most in his studio with some interesting questions asked by Will Crockett from ShootSmarter.com. F-stops and light placement are illustrated so you can try this lighting yourself.

FOUR: Workflow Interview with Rick and Will. Enjoy a mildy "techy" conversation about JPEG and RAW workflow in the studio and Rick's take on how to get the files out of the camera and into the lab for maximum profits and minimum headaches.

FIVE: Fairyland Set Build and Shoot. Deborah Ferro gets into the studio too and directs the set construction of an amazing shoot of three little girls in fairy costumes, complete with wings and Rick adjusts the lighting and posing of the kids in this simply charming segment.

SIX: Marketing A "Kids Club". One of the brightest marketing minds in portrait photography today, Deb Ferro chats with Will Crockett about how they built their marketing platform and how it continues to evolve everyday. This segment is loaded with great money making ideas.

SEVEN: High Key Portraits. Back in the studio with Rock for a fresh look at how he likes to add an upbeat "fashion portrait" session to his pre-bridals with a cool high key setup.

EIGHT: Marketing for Weddings. Deborah shares more insight on marketing, but this time on how to "move up" to a better level of wedding customers with a few really terrific (and cost effective) ideas.

NINE: Virtual Background Session. Watch as the studio is transformed into a winter scene by using a Virtual Background system to create some wonderful kids portraits.

TEN: Sales and Marketing. From the files coming into the computer room, to backing up the files, to prepping the files for a sales presentation, you see the beautiful sales room that is more like a large living room (on purpose) to make the clients feel most comfortable. Proofing, slide shows and more discussed in this interview style segment with Deb, Rick and Will.

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