A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Portrait Photography by Duncan Evans

By Duncan Evans. (2003). AVA Publishing. Soft-cover, 7 1/2 x 8 1/2", 128 pages, color and B&W photos.
Sophisticated, emotive and creative portraits used to be the domain of the professional photographer, but with the advent of digital cameras and photo-editing software, the unattainable is within reach of the enthusiast. You don't need expensive, hi-tech equipment, a massive studio and an army of assistants. This book will show you that all you need are a digital camera, a computer and plenty of enthusiasm.
All aspects of portraiture are covered, from family and pets, studio portraits, location shoots, nude photography and weddings.
Covering the entire range of skill levels from raw beginner needing guidance to accomplished photographer looking for inspiration, this book explains how to tackle numerous forms of portraiture, then how to shoot, enhance and enjoy the results:
SHOOT--How the image was captured
ENHANCE--How the image was processed on a computer
ENJOY--How images can be shared by printing, or via the computer
Inside this book you will find these topics and more:
What you need--camera, lighting equipment, and subjects
Photographing the family--mistakes to avoid and tips for better pictures
Studio portraits--Simple and advanced poses and lighting positions
Location shots--How to shoot fashion, urban life and candid shots
Wedding photography--capturing that special day
Classic Nudes--The body landscape and abstract art
Make it better--How to correct faults, improve images and create stunning new effects.
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