A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Close-Up Photography by John Clements

AVA Publishing 2005; stiff wrapper with flap, 7-3/4 x 8-3/4", 144 pages, full color.

The advent of digital cameras and photo-editing software has revolutionised the world of photography.

Capturing breathtaking close-up shots is now more attainable than ever before. This book uncovers the secrets of professionals through an examination of a beautiful collection of close-up and macro photography. All aspects of close-up photography are explored including the subjects you would expect such as flowers and insects, as well as some more unusual choices such as paper and abstracts. Each image is dissected under the headings Shoot, Enhance and Enjoy:

*** Shoot - how the image was captured
*** Enhance - how the image was processed on a computer
*** Enjoy - how images can be shared by printing, or via the computer

This book is an invaluable tool for a seasoned professional or for those just starting out. Tips and quotations straight from the photographers themselves provide ideas and inspiration and complex technical processes are simplified and explained through the use of screengrabs.

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