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50% off SALE - Color Monitor 2-Pack: Screen to Print Match & Monitor Makeover

SKU WC235/WC253 Screen Print/ Match Monitor SALE

50% off SALE - LIMITED time - Color Monitor 2-Pack: Screen to Print Match & Monitor Makeover

2 DVD Set for Half Price! Here's what you get:

DVD #1:

Screen to Print Match with Will Crockett

• Put an end to "guessing at color" on your screen.
• Tired of only hoping your print comes out ok?

You really CAN have the color, tone and contrast of your photos look the same on a print as they do on your computer screen. Here's how.

Screen to print match is one part of photography that every pro and emerging pro needs to be comfortable with, but very few actually are. It's crucial for your work and your growth as a photographer to see images correctly on your computer screen and know that when that file is sent to a lab for printing or to an in-house inkjet, it will come back with the same color as on the computer screen.

We all wish we could simply buy a $99 color plugin and move on, but there's no "one size fits all" solution. You need to adjust your system to fit your style, work and budget too.

Put your computer, roomlight and printer to work for you.
This DVD has all the facts and shortcuts for you so you can get the color, tone, and exposures you see on your computer to match your prints so you will have the confidence and control to make all the file corrections you need knowing that what you see on the screen will also be on the print. Let's make it easy, smart, and painless!

Digital expert Will Crockett presents solid solutions and clear answers for you in layers that start with him walking into an empty room and inviting 80 photographers to watch as he sets up a computer, monitor, printer, and fluorescent room lighting to build the most amazing screen-to-print match you have ever seen.

Like magic, you see how to best setup your monitor, which monitors are best, how adding 4 fluorescent light tubes makes a HUGE difference, how the inkjet printers are setup for accurate color, then watch as he holds a test print up next to the computers screen and it matches perfectly.

Open, honest, unbiased opinions on which products work best and which ones come up short are what our videos are famous for.

DVD #2:

Monitor Makeover for Perfect Color

Watch as Will Crockett does a "monitor makeover" for better on-screen color with a few different monitors:

~PC laptop
~Mac laptop
~PC desktop with a pro level monitor
~iMac monitor

He uses basic screen settings and a simple profiling kit.

See all the settings and a cool before-and-after comparison. Learn how to make YOUR computer screen become more accurate for editing your photo files from one really smart guy!

DVDs ship in plastic clam DVD cases

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