24P: Make Your Digital Movies Look Like Hollywood by Pete Shaner and Gerald Everett Jones


Thomson Course Technology 2005, softcover, 228 pages, 7 1/4 x 9", B&W and color illustrations. Good Condition . . .DVD is not included. The digital video mode 24p captures imagery more nearly the way motion picture cameras do. It opens up a world of possibilities for digital filmmakers. But aspiring to "film-look video" involves more than just flipping a switch on your camera. The authors share the secrets of Hollywood-style production so you can give your movie a truly polished, commercial look. You won't need to beg major studios for financing to finally turn your movie into reality. At last, you'll be able to make your film, you way. 24P: Make Your Digital Movies Look Like Hollywood is packed with tips and advice for making the most of this incredible technology. You'll get lan insider's view of the complete chronological sequence of professional film-style production, carefully examining how to apply the new technology from the craftsman who is most involved in or most responisble for each phase-from the producer and cinematographer to the director and editor.

24P: Make Your Digital Movies Look Like Hollywood No DVD Included.
*** Hollywood lighting exposed - How to light for the Hollywood Look
*** Editing and pacing - Building Compelling Performances
*** Frame rate and scan type-How Video Can Look Like Film
*** Trailer for Nicholas, the first feature film shot in 24p HiDef
*** Interview with Steven Douglas Smith, director of photography for Nicholas
*** Interview with Sean Fairburn, digital imaging technician for Nicholas
*** Two versions of Neo's Ring-Hollywood's first seven-minute blockbuster:one persented in 60i video and one processed for 24p
*** Saturday Night-A comedy short originated in 24p
*** Demo version of Sony Vegas for nonlinear editing
*** Demo version of SmartSound Sonicfire Pro for soundtrack creation
*** Demo version of Final Draft for Screenwriting

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