1982 Edition - How To Select & Use CANON SLR Cameras: New F-1, AE-1Program, A-1, AE-1, AV-1, AL-1 by Carl Shipman

HP Books 1982. Soft-cover, 8 x 10", 192 pages, color and B&W photos. Book is in good condition, inside pages clean, mild signs of shelf-life wear on cover amd spine is rubbed with tear.
A complete handbook for Canon SLR cameras: New F-1, AE-1Program, A-1, AE-1, AV-1, AL-1
All lenses & lens accessories FD and New FD lenses
System Accessories: Motor Drives & Power Winders, eyepiece accessories, Canon speedlites, F-1 Interchangeable finders, Interchangeable Viewing Screens, Data Backs
Close-up & macro photography: Close-up & Macro Lenses, Bellows & Extension tubes, Slide Copying.
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