1972 Minolta System Handbook SRT101, SRT100, SRM, First Edition By Joseph D. Cooper (2 volumes)

By Joseph D. Cooper. 2 volume ring binders with 11 tables plus index. (1972). First Edition. Amphoto. Ring-Bound, 8 x 10 1/4", B&W photos, several hundred pages in 11 chapters. Book is in good condition. Inside very clean. This book is overflowing with data, explanations, ideas, and illustrations detailing the many facets of the Minolta System. It covers specific the Minolta SR-T 101, SR-T 100 and SR-M period.


Reflex Photography and the Minolta SR System

Basic Camera Operations

Image Management

The Rokkor Lens Guide

Principles and the Techniques of Exposure

Artificial Lighting

Close-Ups, Macrophotography and Copying

Motorized Camera Operations

Technical Effects Photography

Creative Variations

People, Places and Things

A very valuable book, if you have the early Minolta SRT system

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