101 Top Tips for DSLR Video: Using Your Camera to Make Great Movies by Adam Juniper & David Newton

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Wiley Publishing 2011, softcover, 176 pages, color illustrations

Essential guide to making movies using the HD-video feature on a dSLR camera

The new generation of dSLR cameras include high-definition (HD) video, and this is opening up a whole new realm of creative possibilities to photographers. Even if you’re a novice, the tips and techniques in this practical guide will soon have you planning, shooting, and editing movies in HD, like the filmmaker you always thought you could be! Learn how to shoot a music video, ways to get a steady shot without a tripod, and much more.

Explains how to shoot high-definition (HD) video using new-generation dSLR cameras
Shows how to plan, shoot, and edit movies
Provides a broad range of tips and techniques, some known only to professional movie-makers, and others specific to dSLRs
Covers a variety of topics, such as ways to get a steady shot without a tripod, how to shoot a music video, and why a clapper-board is important Presents information in a series of tips and chapters that makes it easy to drop into sections of the book for specific information

If you’re digital dSLR can capture HD video, then this book will help you explore new ways to use your camera and find new creative paths for yourself.

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