1,2,3 Speedlight Portraits & Small Groups with Tony Schreck (FridayPhotoSchool Flash Foundation WebTV Series Tutorial DVD 3/11)

SKU WC200FF: 1,2,3 Speedlight Portraits/Schreck DVD

FridayPhotoSchool Flash Foundation Tutorial DVD; Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM, running time 56 minutes; DVD ships in a plastic clam DVD case.

Getting your shoe-mounted flash off the camera is the first step in sculpting a better quality light. Photographer Tony Schreck uses Speedlights off-camera everyday to make some incredible portraits that all start with getting the flash to fire remotely out of the hot shoe. Using the built-in wireless triggering systems, Tony shows you the basis of simple, pro level off-camera flash in this popular series.

We will walk step by step through the set up of the remotes in a traditional main, fill and background set up. We will show you how to control the light output of each from the camera using a flash and controller. Learn how to control the remotes in TTL and manual mode for even greater control of your multiple speedlight set ups. We will also move the speedlights around for more creative effect, using speedlights as accent lights and kickers.

What you will learn:
• Discover the exact process of setting Canon and Nikon Masters and Remotes.
• Do results differ from Nikon and Canon to Qflash?
• How to adjust the Remote lights through the Master.
• What is the difference between shooting TTL or Manually?
• Moving lights from Fill, to Background, to Kicker - what do the results look like?

Anthony Brett Schreck, Tony, is a Photojournalist, Editorial, Advertising, and Portrait photographer in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area with over 15 years of experience. As host of the fridayphotoschool.com Flash Foundations WebTV show he will explore the use of Speedlights and Qflash taking the viewers step by step with clear how-to directions on using a number of different flash setups.

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