' Photo Fusion: A Wedding Photographers Guide to Mixing Digital Photography and Video by Jennifer Bebb (With Instructional DVD)

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Wiley Publications 2010, softcover, 7 1/2 x 9", 240 pages, color illustrations

A full-color reference and DVD package covers shooting and editing a successful multimedia project

With the introduction of DSLRs with high definition video functionality, a new world of multimedia capture has been opened to digital photographers. This book shows you how to embrace the exciting new option of photo fusion, by incorporating digital video content with your photography.

Easy steps to creating and sharing Fusion:
** Select the right cameras, sound recording systems, and auxiliary equipment
** Choose the medium that best showcases each portion of the wedding day
** Learn where to place microphones and video cameras and plan your setup
** Compare edition options: iMovie, FinalCutPro, Adobe Premiere and other choices
** Edit and blend video footage, stills, audio and music tracks
** Prepare your Fusion for DVD and showcase it online

The author duo guides you through creating seamless multimedia presentations that maximize both still-frame and video photography functions on your DSLR. From the setting up and shooting, to downloading, editing and presenting a multimedia project, this book clearly explains how to move beyond stills into the exciting world of multimedia creation.

Encourages you to embrace the exciting possibilities of photo fusion in the field of wedding photography
Explains how to incorporate digital video content with photography Walks you through all of the necessary steps for shooting and editing a memorable multimedia creation
Details every aspect involved in setting up, shooting, downloading, editing, and presenting a multimedia project
Features more than 200 color images and an indispensable DVD of inspiring examples

Packed with more than 200 stunning images and featuring a 45-minute DVD, Photo Fusion presents you with inspiration and instruction so you can create your own multimedia projects.

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