' Painting with Light: Light Art Performance Photography by JanLeonardo Woellert and Joerg Miedza

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RockyNook 2011, softcover w/flaps, 12 x 8" (oblong), 212 pages, color illustrations

Painting with Light is a unique form of art using light as the medium, which was invented and developed by the authors of the book. Unlike other types of light painting, Light Art Performance Photography (LAPP) doesn’t just illuminate existing objects but also creates its own subjects—constructed entirely of light and captured photographically. LAPP pieces are usually shot at night using long exposure times and require the photographer to capture complex sequences of precisely choreographed movements.

In addition to the shapes and colors produced by manipulating light, the immediate surroundings are essential to every LAPP piece and play a primary role in creating the atmosphere of each scene. The defining characteristic of LAPP is the harmony between the background and the harsh light often used to produce the individual image elements. The symbiosis between photographer and performer gives each work a degree of reproducibility that is essential if it is to be accurately restaged at a later time.

LAPP is one of the first forms of light art to gain widespread attention, and uses real-world surroundings combined with transient, light-based elements to produce its unique effects and microenvironments.

The first part of this book describes the evolution of LAPP as told by its originators, while the middle section goes on to present a gallery of spectacular, large format LAPP images. The final section offers some basic steps and tips to give you a starting point for creating your own LAPP artworks.

Table of Contents:
The LAPP Story: How It All Began (Interview, Part 1)
Gallery, Part 1
What is Light Art Performance Photography?
Initial Considerations
Shape, Color, and Emotion
The LAPP Story: Sponsors, Influences, and Milestones (Interview, Part 2)
Gallery, Part 2
Planning and Executing an Idea
The Making of …
Matt Crawford on LAPP

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