' How to Take Great Photos with the Canon D-SLR System by Rob Sheppard (Canon DSLR)

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Lark Books 2009, softcover, 6 x 9", 272 pages, color illustrations

This exciting new guide is a must-have for every Canon owner! It’s tailored specifically to working with Canon equipment, and designed to help Canon shooters use their systems more effectively and make informed decisions when purchasing equipment.

Not only will Rob Sheppard teach you how to use every feature and function, along with creative and practical photographic methods, but he also provides easy-to-understand instructions on how to execute these techniques using a variety of Canon cameras.

You'll never again wonder how, when, and why to use the many features, lenses, and accessories available in the Canon EOS digital system. Just check this quick guide to learn how to set up the camera, understand exposure and metering, use white balance and much more. Compare zoom, wide-angle, fisheye, macro and other lenses. And, find essential information on artificial light and flash. The book also includes a range of techniques and tips that will help you take better pictures, including secrest the pros know. Whether you want to capture incredible wildlike images on your next camping trip or are wondering which filters you must have.

*** Camera Basics
*** Exposure and metering
*** Sharpness
*** white Balance
*** Natural Light
*** Artificial Light
*** Advanced Light concepts
*** Lenses and accessories
*** Subject Tips
*** Camera Maintance and protection

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