' Contemporary Landscape Photography by Carl E. Heilman, II and Greta Heilman-Cornell

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Amphoto Books 2010, softcover, 9 1/2 x 8 1/2" (oblong), 176 pages, color illustrations

Professional Techniques for Capturing Spectacular Settings

Acclaimed photographer Carl E. Heilman II has been photographing the American landscape for more than thirty years. In this comprehensive guide, he shares the newest techniques for capturing professional-quality digital images in the field. Illustrated with hundreds of inspiring images, and bursting with personal tips and techniques, Contemporary Landscape Photography is the definitive guide for today's outdoor photographer.

Chapter 1: Equipment and Techniques covers everything from images sensors and tripods, to exposure techniques, depth of field and hyper-focal settings, working with shutter speed and motion, and artificial lighting.

Chapter 2: Creating your Vision covers creative composition, style, tonal balance, working with various focal lengths, macro, and creative techniques.

Chapter 3: Locations and Lighting offers thoughts on shooting in all different kinds of weather conditions and a wide variety of lighting situations.

Chapter 4: Post-Processing offers detailed digital darkroom techniques for enhancing your images, including doing HDR work, creating panoramas, and converting images to black and white, or infrared, as well as information on some creative darkroom techniques.

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