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Get Four Easy & Elegant Photo Software Secrets DVD Titles for One Low Price!

About Easy & Elegant Photo Software Secrets:

This series is designed for the advanced enthusiast and emerging professional photographer and will present a variety of software solutions for digital imaging: editing, storage, refinement, presentation, and lab preparation. Learn to work with your images in easy and uncomplicated software, and realize that it can be fun and rewarding. NOT a Photoshop tutorial, this series explores a range of exciting ways to get the most out of digital image creations.

About the host:
Suzette Allen is a professional photographer, an amazing graphics designer and has taught Photoshop around the globe for over a decade. Now embarking on a journey to discover new ways to utilize all of the wonderful ways to create and share photos and video, she invites you to join her as she discovers easy ways to create and share photos, video and more.

DVD #1-Great Ideas to Simple-tize your Photo Selection Process

The first episode in the series provides an overview of just how easy it can be to get the most out of your images after you’ve captured them in your camera. Selecting your best photos to show a client, present in your online portfolio, or to share with your friends on Facebook doesn't have to be a long or complex task. Suzette shows you how to add in keywords and meta data with ease, edit out the bad images and highlight the great images in record time.

Show Highlights:
• Keeping backups of your prized images. How and where
• Easy organization of you digital images
• Learning the best programs to use for your image collections
• What are keywords and Meta data and how can they help you

DVD #2-The Smart Steps to Moving Your Files Into the Creative Zone

Learning how a top pro brings her camera files into the computer to edit, sort, process and store is extremely valuable to photographers of all skill levels. This episode of Easy and Elegant Photo Software Secrets focuses on Suzette’s smart steps to file handling.

Show Highlights:
• Importing your files from camera to computer
• Best ways to manage and organize file storage of digital images
• Archiving your files: storage and backups
• A really cool system for naming your sessions that you will use forever

DVD #3-Quick Reflections On Color Corrections: The Five Simple Steps
Retouching and enhancing your images and your subjects is key. Learn how to minimize the bad and maximize the good through easy examples using several photo editing programs.

Show Highlights:
• Learn to recognize what the problem is. Color? Washed out? Contrast?
• In what order to fix the problems. Step-by-step.
• What tools to use. Suzette shows multiple programs for your solutions.
• Using a guide print for the best skin tones. We have one for you!
• What issues do you need to fix? Can a custom lab help? We have answers.

DVD #4-Retouching and Enhancing Your Images: The Five Simple Steps

Retouching and Enhancing your images and your subjects is key to creating great photos. Learn how to minimize the bad and maximize the good through easy examples using multiple photo editing programs. Face it, we all want our images to look perfect with no hot spots, wall outlets, flyaway hairs, people on our beach backgrounds, etc. And we want people to look great too, which means fewer lines, no shine, smoother skin, sometimes less weight, brighter teeth and eyes, etc.

Show Highlights:
• Eliminating the distractions like hot spots, busy backgrounds, and off-colors.
• How to draw attention to the key features including eyes and smiles.
• The right way to use the cloning tool, skin softeners, faux retouch, spot removal, and others.

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