Leica Pocket Guide 1953 - 2018 by Erwin Puts, 2018 Edition

SKU Leica Pocket Guide 2018 / Erwin Puts

Bound with an imitation leather soft cover, 4 x 5-3/4" (105 x 148 mm), 278 pages, ENGLISH , many photos, including color and illustrations, includes info to Fotokina 2018; limited edition of 1,200 copies

The idea is, that you can carry the book with you at all times and quickly can reference details you did forget.

CONTENTS: listings of price development of selected Leica cameras and lenses since 1998;
listings of all serial numbers since 1950 to 2016 of cameras and lenses;
a Leica time table;
specifications of all Leica cameras since 1953
specifications of all current Leica lenses (S.SL, M, Q, TL, CL)
lens diagrams of all current Leica lenses
pictures of selected special M editions
pictures of all Leica cameras since 1953
and more

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