- Night Sky Photography CheatSheet

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PhotoBert 2017, Handy, laminated, waterproof, short version instruction manuals for on the go. 4 1/2 x 6 1/2", printed double-sided. Due to the amount of information on this 2-sided document the font size is small.

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This is a one-of-a-kind CheatSheet for shooting the Night Sky and the Milky Way.

• Weather Proof
• Very durable - laminated with a 3-mil laminate
• Full Color
• About 4 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches
• Easy to read - professionally printed on high-quality stock
• Two-sided
It's an easy to take with you quick reference that is invaluable in the field. This CheatSheet is printed on brochure stock at high resolution. It's a convenient size to put in your camera bag or pocket. This CheatSheet is full of useful information on how to get great shots of the night sky.

Covered topics include:
● Initial Checklist
● How to determine the best places to shoot
● When to shoot
● Light Painting
● Lens selection
● Stability tricks
● RAW or JPEG shooting
● Focus tricks
● Shutter speed calculation
● White Balance
● Exposure Settings
● High-ISO Noise Reduction
● Long Exposure Noise Reduction

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